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Hunter Bradley

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[01 Oct 2010|05:27pm]
Power Ranger Ninja Storm EpisodesCollapse )

[11 Jun 2006|09:26pm]
Ever since the party Friday night and Dustin telling him of Cam’s arrival on the island, Hunter had spent his time training, brooding or with chaos, barely letting the other out of his sight. He’d of course told chaos, who had comforted him and told him that they would deal with it together, but Hunter was still freaking out. This wasn’t Cam from a weird dream caused by the island, this was the real thing. And the Crimson ninja had no idea what to do or think about that. He loved chaos, he knew that for a fact…but he had fallen hard fro the green samurai and it wasn’t hard to hide those old feelings even after suppressing them for so long. Thus why Hunter hadn’t gone out looking for Cam, instead, staying near the safety of his love’s arms.

Hunter wasn’t often afraid, but he was of what would happen when he saw Cam on the island for the first time.

Of course at that very moment, Hunter had cleared his mind of everything except his movements. He was just wearing the sweatpants he’d found in the cloths box and often trained in, gray with a green stripe going down the sides. chaos had sparred with him earlier, but Hunter still had a lot of pent up energy after they were done, so with a kiss and a see you later, Hunter was left alone to his katas, doing the most difficult ones he knew to keep his mind off his worries.

He was so consumed with the motions he was putting his body through that he didn’t notice he was alone in the small clearing of trees, his eyes closed in concentration.

for Cam
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[01 Jun 2006|10:50pm]
It wasn’t too hot, with slight breezes blowing down the beach. A perfect day for sparring. Hunter and chaos had come to the circle of trees where ironically, they had found after they had just met. The memory brought a smile to Hunter’s face as because of that, this was one of his favorite places on the island.

Picking himself up off the stand from stretching his legs, Hunter rolled his shoulders and stretched them over his head before turning to chaos. He brushed the sand off the sweat pants he’d found in the box, forgoing shoes and a shirt in the still ingering heat. “Ready?”

for chaos!
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[23 May 2006|12:16am]
After the first hectic day and then the battle the day after, Hunter just wanted sometime alone with chaos. So after packing a lunch in his backpack and chaos riding behind him, Hunter rode through the forest on his moto bike till they came to a water fall far in the woods, halfway between the remains of the two ninja academies. There was no way they would be disturbed there, just what Hunter wanted.

Once there, he stopped the bike and got off, removing his helmet to hang on the handle bars as he turned to give chaos a smile. “It’s not as pretty as the one on the island, but I thought you’d like it. And we’re guaranteed privacy…“ He bit his lower lip in a bashful grin. "I know we haven't had any since leaving the island..."

For chaos
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[06 May 2006|11:42pm]
After today, Hunter didn’t want to ever do this again. Palm fronds were itchy and the heat making him sweat wasn’t helping.

He was sitting on the rocks behind his shelter, reinforcing his roof by increasing the amount of palm fronds woven into it. The storm a few days ago had shifted the existing palms around, leaving the bottom of his shelter muddy. Of course, Hunter wasn’t about to let chaos know, so he’d waited to fix it. Now, he was double reinforcing the damn thing so this didn’t happen again, not to mention would less likely cave from snow.

Pausing for a moment, he slipped his shirt off, using it to wipe the sweat from his forehead before tossing it down by the door of the shelter, then stretched from his bent position. God he was going to be sore after this.

For chaos
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